President's Corner
Welcome to Kevin Peterson I notified our membership this past week that I would be stepping down as President of the Fort Huachuca 50 effective Monday the 13th. Conflict of interest issues because of my employment leave me little choice. The Board of Directors has unanimously selected Kevin Peterson to replace me. Kevin is a great choice to step in as President. He is a retired Colonel now employed by a defense contractor and has been very active in the community for many years. The '50 is in good hands. This will be my last post here. It has been an honor to have a lead role in the '50 and I look forward to continued involvement in other ways.

With Regards,
Larry Portouw
6/11/2011 8:30:18 AM

Fort Biological Opinion Nulified by Judge (Herald Article) The ruling by Federal Judge, Judge A. Wallace Tashima is disappointing. While the Army has not yet decided whether to appeal the ruling, it is likely to result in a renegotiation of the Biological Opinion with the Fish and Wild Life Service. Former Mayor Bob Strain's comments in the linked article must be taken to heart. The community narrowly defeated the formation of a water board in the last election. It is time to consider placing it on the ballot again, and making a full court press to overcome the rumor and disinformation that contributed to the measures defeat last November.
6/1/2011 8:25:47 AM

BLM Over-reach and a Water District The Board and I are disappointed at the defeat of the measure to create a local water district. The linked Herald article is a clear example of why a locally run water district is better than abdicating decisions to a distant federal bureaucracy.
3/1/2011 9:34:35 AM

Annual Meeting Thanks to all for making our annual meeting on the 17th a success. Directors Tom Finnegan, Glen McDaniel and Jack Blair were unanimously re-elected. Also note that the board has moved our monthly board meeting to the 1st Thursday of the month to remove conflict with the monthly MOAA meeting. Board meetings as always, are open to our members.
2/28/2011 7:23:54 AM

Meigs Ranch Developement Easment After a number of years a work, a development easement on the NW corner of the Fort is in place. This provide direct encroachment protection to the Black Tower UAS/UAV training complex. Special thanks to Tom Finnegan who has been a driving force in seeing this to completion. A thanks to the Country Board of Supervisors and the Nature Conservancy.
8/4/2010 10:59:39 PM

Funding of the MIF in the State Budget Senator John Nelson has secured $5M of funding for the Military Installation Fund in the closing days of the developing a budget for the State of Arizona. This is the program that funded a development easement on the NW corner of Fort Huachuca providing some protection for UAV operations at Black Tower. Given the current fiscal crisis, not only will this money be seen as easy pickings by some as the budget comes to closure, but it is doubly important in addressing encroachment around our military installations. Defense budget cuts are on the horizon as early as next fiscal year. These pending cuts will cause the Army to make stationing and force structure decisions that could affect Fort Huachuca. They already have announced some changes—three new brigade combat teams (BCT) were canceled this week impacting Forts Stewart, Carson and Bliss. Please take a few moment today to call or write Senator Nelson and express your support for his effort to fund the MIF. Web Page: click the title above , Email: and phone: 305-926-5872 -Larry Portouw
6/3/2010 12:31:23 PM

State Lands Exchange Amendment I am pleased to report that SB1410 passed the House yesterday, 60-0 and was sent to the Senate. This constitutional amendment is important to the prevention of encroachment around the States military installations. We expect to now see this on the November ballot. Thank you to the DM50 and the Fighter Country Partnership for the support and partnership with the Fort Huachuca 50 on this measure. The easement was funded by the State of Arizona Military Installation Fund (MIF), not the Army.
6/2/2010 11:36:08 PM